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Cyan Design Provides Innovative Design for Web and Print

We create smashing design solutions that can dramatically improve the professional image of your company while also doing the absolutely critical job of getting your message across with custom graphic design. It’s not all about beauty; we know that. It’s also about return on investment.

We work directly with clients, advertising agencies, public relations firms, marketing companies, non-profit organizations, publishers and authors producing print-on-demand (POD) books... as well as one-man bands. We can work with your art department if you have one, or be your art department if you need one. And if writing advertising copy is not your strength, we’ll haul a few award-winning creative writers off the local beach and put them them back in harness just for your project.  

We’re innovative, flexible, and really smart when it comes to creativity, as well as working within budget. And don’t worry if Cyan (blue) isn’t your favorite color, we use them all!

"Kris Warrenburg is not only a pleasure to work with, her work is a pleasure! Look at the CD packages she did for me. They say it all!"

Eve EliotPsychotherapist,  

Yoga Instructor, Meditation Teacher